COXPRESdb -- a database of coexpressed gene networks in mammals

What you can do:
Find coexpressed gene lists and networks in human and mouse.
  • Coexpression data could be calculated for 19 777 and 21 036 genes in human and mouse, respectively, by using the GeneChip data in NCBI GEO.
  • COXPRESdb enables analysis of the four types of coexpression networks: (i) highly coexpressed genes for every gene, (ii) genes with the same GO annotation, (iii) genes expressed in the same tissue and (iv) user-defined gene sets.
  • When the networks became too big for the static picture on the web in GO networks or in tissue networks, we used Google Maps API to visualize them interactively.
  • COXPRESdb also provides a view to compare the human and mouse coexpression patterns to estimate the conservation between the two species.
  • Rat coming soon.
  • co-expressed genes
  • coexpressed genes
  • GeneChip
  • coexpression data
  • gene networks
  • tissue specific expression patterns
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