Mitome -- dynamic and interactive database for comparative mitochondrial genomics in metazoan animals

What you can do:
A database for comparative analysis of mitochondrial genomes and arrangements within metazoan.
  • Mitome is a specialized mitochondrial genome database designed for easy comparative analysis of various features of metazoan mitochondrial genomes such as base frequency, A+T skew, codon usage and gene arrangement pattern.
  • A particular function of the database is the automatic reconstruction of phylogenetic relationships among metazoans selected by a user from a taxonomic tree menu based on nucleotide sequences, amino acid sequences or gene arrangement patterns.
  • Mitome also enables us (i) to easily find the taxonomic positions of organisms of which complete mitochondrial genome sequences are publicly available; (ii) to acquire various metazoan mitochondrial genome characteristics through a graphical genome browser; (iii) to search for homology patterns in mitochondrial gene arrangements; (iv) to download nucleotide or amino acid sequences not only of an entire mitochondrial genome but also of each component; and (v) to find interesting references easily through links with PubMed.
  • In order to provide users with a dynamic, responsive, interactive and faster web database, Mitome is constructed using two recently highlighted techniques, Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) and Web Services.
  • Useful in the fields of molecular phylogenetics and evolution and comparative organelle genomics.
  • Mitochondrial Genes
  • Mitochondrial Genome
  • Mitochondrial Proteins
  • Metazoan
  • Mitochondria
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