PODB -- the Plant Organelles Database

What you can do:
Search a collection of visualized plant organelles and protocols for plant organelle research.
  • The PODB was built to promote a comprehensive understanding of organelle dynamics, including organelle function, biogenesis, differentiation, movement and interactions with other organelles.
  • This database consists of three individual parts, the organellome database, the functional analysis database and external links to other databases and homepages.
  • The organellome database provides images of various plant organelles that were visualized with fluorescent and nonfluorescent probes in various tissues of several plant species at different developmental stages.
  • The functional analysis database is a collection of protocols for plant organelle research.
  • External links give access primarily to other databases and Web pages with information on transcriptomes and proteomes.
  • All the data and protocols in the organellome database and the functional analysis database are populated by direct submission of experimentally determined data from plant researchers and can be freely downloaded.
  • Our database promotes the exchange of information between plant organelle researchers for the comprehensive study of the organelle dynamics that support integrated functions in higher plants.
  • Botany
  • Plant Organelles
  • Plant Proteins
  • Plant chemistry
  • Plan Ultrastructure
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