MethyCancer -- the database of human DNA methylation and cancer

What you can do:
Locate highly integrated data of DNA methylation, cancer-related gene, mutation and cancer information from public resources, & CpG Island clones derived from large-scale sequencing.
  • MethyCancer functions as both an information resource and analysis platform for study of CGI distribution in human genes, alteration of DNA methylation patterns in promoter CGIs, identification of novel cancer genes altered by DNA methylation alone or in combination with genetic events, and discovery of novel epigenetic targets.
  • MethyCancer serves as a platform to share data and analytical results from the Cancer Genome/Epigenome Project in China.
  • Interconnections between different data types are analyzed and presented.
  • Search tool and graphical MethyView help users access all the data and data connections and view DNA methylation in context of genomics and genetics data.
  • CpG Islands
  • DNA Methylation
  • Gene Expression
  • Neoplasm
  • Mutation
  • Cancer
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