The Molecule Pages database

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Provides essential information on more than 3800 mammalian proteins involved in cellular signaling.
  • The Molecule Pages contain expert-authored and peer-reviewed information based on the published literature, complemented by regularly updated information derived from public data source references and sequence analysis.
  • The expert-authored data includes both a full-text review about the molecule, with citations, and highly structured data for bioinformatics interrogation, including information on protein interactions and states, transitions between states and protein function.
  • The expert-authored pages are anonymously peer reviewed by the Nature Publishing Group.
  • The Molecule Pages data is present in an object-relational database format and is freely accessible to the authors, the reviewers and the public from a web browser that serves as a presentation layer.
  • Protein Databases
  • Cell signalling
  • Intracellular Signaling Peptides
  • Intracellular Proteins
  • Mammals
  • metabolism
  • Mice
  • Signal Transduction
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