Greglist -- a database listing potential G-quadruplex regulated genes

What you can do:
Find genes whose promoter regions have G-quadruplex motifs.
  • The double helix is a conformation that genomic DNA usually assumes; under certain conditions, however, guanine-rich DNA sequences can form a four-stranded structure, G-quadruplex, which is found to play a role in regulating gene expression; the G-quadruplex formed in the c-MYC promoter suppresses its transcriptional activity.
  • Recent studies suggest that G-quadruplex motifs (GQMs) are enriched in human gene promoters.
  • To facilitate the research of G-quadruplex, we have constructed Greglist, a database listing potentially G-quadruplex regulated genes.
  • Greglist harbors genes that contain promoter GQMs from genomes of various species, including humans, mice, rats and chickens.
  • Many important genes are found to contain previously unreported promoter GQMs, such as ATM, BAD, AKT1, LEPR, UCP1, APOE, DKK1, WT1, WEE1, WNT1 and CLOCK.
  • Not only protein coding genes, 126 human microRNAs also contain promoter GQMs.
  • Chickens
  • G-Quadruplexes
  • GQM
  • Gene Expression Regulation
  • Humans
  • Mice
  • MicroRNAs
  • Promoter Regions
  • Rats
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