TOPDB -- topology data bank of transmembrane proteins

What you can do:
Search a collection of transmembrane protein datasets containing experimentally derived topology information.
  • TOPDB collects details of various experiments that were carried out to learn about the topology of particular transmembrane proteins.
  • In addition to experimental data from the literature, an extensive collection of structural data was also compiled from PDB and from PDBTM.
  • Because topology information is often incomplete, for each protein in the database the most probable topology that is consistent with the collected experimental constraints was also calculated using the HMMTOP transmembrane topology prediction algorithm.
  • Each record in TOPDB also contains information on the given protein sequence, name, organism and cross references to various other databases.
  • The web interface of TOPDB includes tools for searching, relational querying and data browsing as well as for visualization.
  • TOPDB is designed to bridge the gap between the number of transmembrane proteins available in sequence databases and the publicly accessible topology information of experimentally or computationally studied transmembrane proteins.
  • membrane proteins
  • topology
  • transmembrane
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