M-Coffee -- a meta-method for computing multiple sequence alignments by combining alternative alignment methods

What you can do:
Web server that computes multiple sequence alignments (MSAs) by running several MSA methods and combining their output into one single model.
  • Simultaneously run all MSA methods of choice without having to arbitrarily choose one of them.
  • The MSA is delivered along with a local estimation of its consistency with the individual MSAs it was derived from.
  • The computation of the consensus multiple alignment is carried out using a special mode of the T-Coffee package.
  • Given a set of sequences (DNA or proteins) in FASTA format, M-Coffee delivers a multiple alignment in the most common formats.
  • M-Coffee is a freeware open source package distributed under a GPL license and it is available either as a standalone package or as a web service.
  • sequence alignment
  • multiple sequence alignment
  • tcoffee
  • DNA alignment
  • protein alignment
  • MSA
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