WoLF PSORT -- Protein Subcellular Localization Prediction

What you can do:
Predict the subcellular localization sites of proteins based on their amino acid sequences.
  • WoLF PSORT converts protein amino acid sequences into numerical localization features; based on sorting signals, amino acid composition and functional motifs such as DNA-binding motifs.
  • After conversion, a simple k-nearest neighbor classifier is used for prediction.
  • Using html, the evidence for each prediction is shown in two ways: (i) a list of proteins of known localization with the most similar localization features to the query, and (ii) tables with detailed information about individual localization features.
  • For convenience, sequence alignments of the query to similar proteins and links to UniProt and Gene Ontology are provided.
  • Taken together, this information allows a user to understand the evidence (or lack thereof) behind the predictions made for particular proteins.
  • protein subcellular location prediction
  • protein location prediction
  • protein localization
  • subcellular localization
  • psort
  • psortII
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