RNABindR -- software for prediction of RNA binding residues in proteins

What you can do:
Web-based server for analyzing and predicting RNA binding sites in proteins.
  • RNABindR is a web-based server that identifies and displays RNA-binding residues in known protein-RNA complexes and predicts RNA-binding residues in proteins of unknown structure.
  • RNABindR uses a distance cutoff to identify which amino acids contact RNA in solved complex structures (from the Protein Data Bank) and provides a labeled amino acid sequence and a Jmol graphical viewer in which RNA-binding residues are displayed in the context of the three-dimensional structure.
  • Alternatively, RNABindR can use a Naive Bayes classifier trained on a non-redundant set of protein-RNA complexes from the PDB to predict which amino acids in a protein sequence of unknown structure are most likely to bind RNA.
  • RNABindR automatically displays 'high specificity' and 'high sensitivity' predictions of RNA-binding residues.
  • Bayes Theorem
  • Binding Sites
  • Protein Conformation
  • RNA binding residues
  • protein-RNA complexes
  • protein-RNA complex
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