CytoSVM -- Cytokine Support Vector Machine

What you can do:
An advanced server for identification of cytokine-receptor interactions.
  • To discover novel cytokine-receptor interactions, an advanced support vector machines (SVMs) model, CytoSVM, was constructed.
  • This model was iteratively trained using 449 mammal (except rat) cytokine-receptor interactions and about 1 million virtually generated positive and negative vectors in an enriched way.
  • Final independent evaluation by rat's data received sensitivity of 97.4%, specificity of 99.2% and the Matthews correlation coefficient (MCC) of 0.89.
  • A web-based server was created to accept primary protein sequence and present its probabilities to interact with one or several cytokines.
  • Moreover, this model was applied to identify putative cytokine-receptor pairs in the whole genomes of human and mouse.
  • Excluding currently known cytokine-receptor interactions, total 1609 novel cytokine-receptor pairs were discovered from human genome with probability approximately 80% after further transmembrane analysis.
  • These cover 220 novel receptors (excluding their isoforms) for 126 human cytokines.
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  • dipeptides
  • cytokine receptor interactions
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