SH3-Hunter -- discovery of SH3 domain interaction sites in proteins

What you can do:
Identify putative SH3 domain interaction sites on protein sequences.
  • Given an input query consisting of one or more protein sequences, the server identifies peptides containing poly-proline binding motifs and associates them to a list of SH3 domains, in order to compose peptide-domain pairs.
  • The server can accept a list of peptides and allows users to upload an input file in a proper format.
  • An accurate selection of SH3 domains is available and users can also submit their own SH3 domain sequence.
  • SH3-Hunter evaluates which peptide-domain pair represents a possible interaction pair and produces as output a list of significant interaction sites for each query protein.
  • Each proposed interaction site is associated to a propensity score and sensitivity and precision levels for the prediction.
  • The server prediction capability is based on a neural network model integrating high-throughput pep-spot data with structural information extracted from known SH3-peptide complexes.
  • Amino Acid Motifs
  • Binding Sites
  • src Homology Domains
  • SH3
  • domain interaction sites
  • poly-proline binding motifs
  • peptide-domain pairs
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