KAAS -- KEGG Automatic Annotation Server

What you can do:
Provides functional annotation of genes by BLAST comparisons against the manually curated KEGG GENES database.
  • In the KEGG database, genes in complete genomes are annotated with the KEGG orthology (KO) identifiers, or the K numbers, based on the best hit information using Smith-Waterman scores as well as by the manual curation.
  • Each K number represents an ortholog group of genes, and it is directly linked to an object in the KEGG pathway map or the BRITE functional hierarchy.
  • Here, we have developed a web-based server called KAAS, i.e. an implementation of a rapid method to automatically assign K numbers to genes in the genome, enabling reconstruction of KEGG pathways and BRITE hierarchies.
  • The method is based on sequence similarities, bi-directional best hit information and some heuristics, and has achieved a high degree of accuracy when compared with the manually curated KEGG GENES database.
  • Chromosome Mapping
  • Sequence Analysis
  • Signal Transduction
  • KEGG
  • functional annotation
  • gene annotation
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