SAGExplore -- a web server for unambiguous tag mapping in serial analysis of gene expression oriented to gene discovery and annotation

What you can do:
Map experimental tags in serial analysis of gene expression.
  • The core of the server relies on a database of genomic virtual tags built by a recently described method that attempts to reduce the amount of ambiguous assignments for those tags that are not unique in the genome.
  • The method provides a complete annotation of potential virtual SAGE tags within a genome, along with an estimation of their confidence for experimental observation that ranks tags that present multiple matches in the genome.
  • The output of the server consists of a table in HTML format that contains links to a graphic representation of the results and to some external servers and databases, facilitating the tasks of analysis of gene expression and gene discovery.
  • Also, a table in tab delimited text format is produced, allowing the user to export the results into custom databases and software for further analysis.
  • The current server version provides the most accurate and complete SAGE tag mapping source that is available for the yeast organism.
  • In the near future, this server will also allow the accurate mapping of experimental SAGE-tags from other model organisms such as human, mouse, frog and fly.
  • Chromosome Mapping
  • Expressed Sequence Tags
  • Gene Expression Regulation
  • Sequence Tagged Sites
  • SAGE
  • serial analysis gene expression
  • tag mapping
  • virtual tags
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