ProtSweep -- protein annotation by homology

What you can do:
Analyze and identify newly obtained protein sequences.
  • The wealth of transcript information that has been made publicly available in recent years has led to large pools of individual web sites offering access to bioinformatics software.
  • However, finding out which services exist, what they can or cannot do, how to use them and how to feed results from one service to the next one in the right format can be very time and resource consuming, especially for non-experts.
  • Automating this task, we present a suite of protein annotation pipelines (tasks) developed at the German Cancer Research Centre (DKFZ) oriented to protein annotation by homology (ProtSweep), by domain analysis (DomainSweep), and by secondary structure elements (2Dsweep).
  • The aim of these tasks is to perform an exhaustive structural and functional analysis employing a wide variety of methods in combination with the most updated public databases.
  • Protein Structure
  • Sequence Alignment
  • Sequence Analysis
  • Systems Integration
  • protein annotation
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