DAhunter -- Domain Architecture hunter

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A retrieval tool for conserved protein domain architecture.
  • DAhunter is a web-based server that identifies homologous proteins by comparing domain architectures, the organization of protein domains.
  • A major obstacle in comparison of domain architecture is the existence of 'promiscuous' domains, which carry out auxiliary functions and appear in many unrelated proteins.
  • To distinguish these promiscuous domains from protein domains, we assigned a weight score to each domain extracted from RefSeq proteins, based on its abundance and versatility.
  • A domain's score represents its importance in the 'protein world' and is used in the comparison of domain architectures.
  • In scoring domains, DAhunter also considers domain combinations as well as single domains.
  • To measure the similarity of two domain architectures, we developed several methods that are based on algorithms used in information retrieval (the cosine similarity, the Goodman-Kruskal gamma function, and domain duplication index) and then combined these into a similarity score.
  • Compared with other domain architecture algorithms, DAhunter is better at identifying homology.
  • Also available at http://localodom.kobic.re.kr/dahunter/index.htm.
  • protein domain architecture
  • domain architecture
  • conserved domain
  • protein domains
  • promiscuous domains
  • protein homology
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