DHcL -- Domain Hierarchy and closed Loops

What you can do:
Explore th hierarchy of protein domain structure.
  • DHcL delineates energy hierarchy of protein domain structure and detects domains at different levels of this hierarchy.
  • The server also identifies closed loops and van der Waals locks, which constitute a structural basis for the protein domain hierarchy.
  • The DHcL can be a useful tool for an express analysis of protein structures and their alternative domain decompositions.
  • The user submits a PDB identifier(s) or uploads a 3D protein structure in a PDB format.
  • The results of the analysis are the location of domains at different levels of hierarchy, closed loops, van der Waals locks and their interactive visualization.
  • The server maintains a regularly updated database of domains, closed loop and van der Waals locks for all X-ray structures in PDB.
  • protein domain structure
  • protein domains
  • protein structure
  • domain decomposition
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