KFC -- Knowledge-based FADE and Contacts

What you can do:
Interactive forecasting of protein interaction hot spots.
  • The KFC Server is a web-based implementation of the KFC (Knowledge-based FADE and Contacts) model-a machine learning approach for the prediction of binding hot spots, or the subset of residues that account for most of a protein interface's binding free energy.
  • The server facilitates the automated analysis of a user submitted protein-protein or protein-DNA interface and the visualization of its hot spot predictions.
  • For each residue in the interface, the KFC Server characterizes its local structural environment, compares that environment to the environments of experimentally determined hot spots and predicts if the interface residue is a hot spot.
  • After the computational analysis, the user can visualize the results using an interactive job viewer able to quickly highlight predicted hot spots and surrounding structural features within the protein structure.
  • protein interaction
  • hot spots
  • binding hot spots
  • binding free energy
  • protein binding
  • protein-protein
  • protein-DNA interface
  • structural environment
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