ProfCom -- profiling of complex functionality

What you can do:
A web tool for profiling the complex functionality of gene groups identified from high-throughput data.
  • ProfCom is a web-based tool for the functional interpretation of a gene list that was identified to be related by experiments.
  • A trait which makes ProfCom a unique tool is an ability to profile enrichments of not only available Gene Ontology (GO) terms but also of 'complex functions'.
  • A 'Complex function' is constructed as Boolean combination of available GO terms.
  • The complex functions inferred by ProfCom are more specific in comparison to single terms and describe more accurately the functional role of genes.
  • ProfCom provides a user friendly dialog-driven web page submission available for several model organisms and supports most available gene identifiers.
  • In addition, the web service interface allows the submission of any kind of annotation data.
  • complex functionality
  • complex function
  • gene groups
  • gene list
  • high-throughput data
  • gene ontology
  • annotation data
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