GOEAST -- Gene Ontology Enrichment Analysis Software Toolkit

What you can do:
A web-based software toolkit for Gene Ontology enrichment analysis.
  • Compared with available GO analysis tools, GOEAST has the following improved features: (i) GOEAST displays enriched GO terms in graphical format according to their relationships in the hierarchical tree of each GO category (biological process, molecular function and cellular component), therefore, provides better understanding of the correlations among enriched GO terms; (ii) GOEAST supports analysis for data from various sources (probe or probe set IDs of Affymetrix, Illumina, Agilent or customized microarrays, as well as different gene identifiers) and multiple species (about 60 prokaryote and eukaryote species); (iii) One unique feature of GOEAST is to allow cross comparison of the GO enrichment status of multiple experiments to identify functional correlations among them.
  • GOEAST also provides rigorous statistical tests to enhance the reliability of analysis results.
  • gene ontology
  • gene ontology enrichment
  • GO category
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