E3Miner -- a text mining tool for ubiquitin-protein ligases

What you can do:
Integrates available E3 data not only from the published literature but also from the biological databases, using natural language processing techniques.
  • E3Miner is a web-based text mining tool that extracts and organizes comprehensive knowledge about E3s from the abstracts of journal articles and the relevant databases, supporting users to have a good grasp of E3s and their related information easily from the available text.
  • The tool analyzes text sentences to identify protein names for E3s, to narrow down target substrates and other ubiquitin-transferring proteins in E3-specific ubiquitination pathways and to extract molecular features of E3s during ubiquitination.
  • E3Miner also retrieves E3 data about protein functions, other E3-interacting partners and E3-related human diseases from the protein databases, in order to help facilitate further investigation.
  • natural language processing
  • NLP
  • literature searching
  • text mining
  • biomedical text mining
  • ubiquitin
  • ligase
  • E3
  • ubiquitination
  • ubiquitin-protein ligase
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