GraphWeb -- graph-based analysis of biological networks

What you can do:
Mining heterogeneous biological networks for gene modules with functional significance.
  • GraphWeb provides methods to: (1) integrate heterogeneous and multispecies data for constructing directed and undirected, weighted and unweighted networks; (ii) discover network modules using a variety of algorithms and topological filters and (iii) interpret modules using functional knowledge of the Gene Ontology and pathways, as well as regulatory features such as binding motifs and microRNA targets.
  • GraphWeb is designed to analyse individual or multiple merged networks, search for conserved features across multiple species, mine large biological networks for smaller modules, discover novel candidates and connections for known pathways and compare results of high-throughput datasets.
  • biological networks
  • graph-based analysis
  • networks
  • merged networks
  • global networks
  • gene modules
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