ArrayWiki -- an enabling technology for sharing public microarray data repositories and meta-analyses

What you can do:
A community maintained system that unites disparate meta-data of microarray meta-experiments from multiple primary sources.
  • ArrayWiki provides a user-friendly knowledge management interface in addition to a programmable interface using standards developed by Wikipedia.
  • ArrayWiki includes automated quality control processes (caCORRECT) and novel visualization methods (BioPNG, Gel Plots), which provide extra information about data quality unavailable in other microarray repositories.
  • It provides a user-curation capability through the familiar Wiki interface.
  • ArrayWiki provides users with simple text-based searches across all experiment meta-data, and exposes data to search engine crawlers (Semantic Agents) such as Google to further enhance data discovery.
  • wiki
  • microarray
  • community maintained system
  • microarray repositories
  • meta information
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