Nuc-PLoc -- Predicting protein subnuclear localization

What you can do:
A new web-server for predicting protein subnuclear localization by fusing PseAA composition and PsePSSM.
  • Nuc-PLoc can be used to identify nuclear proteins among the following nine subnuclear locations: (1) chromatin, (2) heterochromatin, (3) nuclear envelope, (4) nuclear matrix, (5) nuclear pore complex, (6) nuclear speckle, (7) nucleolus, (8) nucleoplasm and (9) nuclear promyelocytic leukaemia (PML) body.
  • Nuc-PLoc is featured by an ensemble classifier formed by fusing the evolution information of a protein and its pseudo-amino acid composition.
  • The overall jackknife cross-validation accuracy obtained by Nuc-PLoc is significantly higher than those by the existing methods on the same benchmark data set through the same testing procedure.
  • protein subnuclear localization
  • protein localization predicition
  • protein transport
This record last updated: 08-05-2008
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