AVIS -- AJAX viewer of interactive signaling networks

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A web-based viewer of interactive cell signaling networks.
  • AVIS is an implementation of AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript with XML) with the usage of the libraries GraphViz, ImageMagic (PerlMagic) and overLib.
  • AVIS provides web-based visualization of text-based signaling networks with dynamical zooming, panning and linking capabilities.
  • AVIS is a cross-platform web-based tool that can be used to visualize network maps as embedded objects in any web page.
  • AVIS was implemented for visualization of PathwayGenerator, a tool that displays over 4000 automatically generated mammalian cell signaling maps; NodeNeighborhood a tool to visualize first and second interacting neighbors of yeast and mammalian proteins; and for Genes2Networks, a tool to connect lists of genes and protein using background protein interaction networks.
  • cell signaling networks
  • cell signaling
  • network maps
  • cell signaling maps
  • protein interaction networks
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