The PhenoGen informatics website -- tools for analyses of complex traits

What you can do:
A comprehensive toolbox for storing, analyzing and integrating microarray data and related genotype and phenotype data.
  • The site is particularly suited for combining QTL and microarray data to search for "candidate" genes contributing to complex traits.
  • In addition, the site allows, if desired by the investigators, sharing of the data.
  • Investigators can conduct "in-silico" microarray experiments using their own and/or "shared" data.
  • The PhenoGen website provides access to tools that can be used for high-throughput data storage, analyses and interpretation of the results.
  • Some of the advantages of the architecture of the website are that, in the future, the present set of tools can be adapted for the analyses of any type of high-throughput "omics" data, and that access to new tools, available in the public domain or developed at PhenoGen, can be easily provided.
  • Gene Expression Profiling
  • microarray data
  • high-throughput data storage
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