ProfDistS -- (Profile-) Distance based phylogeny on sequence - structure alignments

What you can do:
A tool for the construction of large phylogenetic trees based on profile distances.
  • The Profile Neighbor Joining (PNJ) algorithm as implemented in the software ProfDist is computationally efficient in reconstructing very large trees.
  • Besides the huge amount of sequence data the structure is important in RNA alignment analysis and phylogenetic reconstruction.
  • For this ProfDistS provides a phylogenetic workflow that uses individual RNA secondary structures in reconstructing phylogenies based on sequence-structure alignments - using Profile Neighbor Joining (PNJ) with manual or iterative and automatic profile definition.
  • ProfDistS can deal also with protein sequences.
  • phylogenetic tree
  • RNA secondary structure
  • sequence-structure alignment
  • profile neighbor joining
  • RNA alignment
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