Degradome -- database of mammalian proteases and diseases of proteolysis

What you can do:
Find information on proteases and proteolysis.
  • The degradome is defined as the complete set of proteases present in an organism.
  • The recent availability of whole genomic sequences from multiple organisms has led us to predict the contents of the degradomes of several mammalian species.
  • To ensure the fidelity of these predictions, our methods have included manual curation of individual sequences and, when necessary, direct cloning and sequencing experiments.
  • The results of these studies in human, chimpanzee, mouse and rat have been incorporated into the Degradome database.
  • The annotations about each individual protease can be retrieved by browsing catalytic classes and families or by searching specific terms.
  • This web site also provides detailed information about genetic diseases of proteolysis, a growing field of great importance for multiple users.
  • Finally, the user can find additional information about protease structures, protease inhibitors, ancillary domains of proteases and differences between mammalian degradomes.
  • proteolysis
  • protease
  • human genome
  • chimpanzee genome
  • mouse genome
  • rat genome
  • degradome
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