Cell-PLoc -- a package of Web servers for predicting subcellular localization of proteins in various organisms

What you can do:
Predict subcellular localization of proteins in various organisms.
  • The package contains the following six predictors: Euk-mPLoc, Hum-mPLoc, Plant-PLoc, Gpos-PLoc, Gneg-PLoc and Virus-PLoc, specialized for eukaryotic, human, plant, Gram-positive bacterial, Gram-negative bacterial and viral proteins, respectively.
  • Using these Web servers, one can easily get the desired prediction results with a high expected accuracy, as demonstrated by a series of cross-validation tests on the benchmark data sets that covered up to 22 subcellular location sites and in which none of the proteins included had > or =25% sequence identity to any other protein in the same subcellular-location subset.
  • Some of these Web servers can be particularly used to deal with multiplex proteins as well, which may simultaneously exist at, or move between, two or more different subcellular locations.
  • Proteins with multiple locations or dynamic features of this kind are particularly interesting, because they may have some special biological functions intriguing to investigators in both basic research and drug discovery.
  • protein subcellular localization
  • eukaryotic protein
  • plant protein
  • Gram-negative protein
  • human protein
  • Gram-positive protein
  • viral protein
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