InnateDB -- database of innate immunity interactions and pathways

What you can do:
Facilitating systems-level analyses of the mammalian innate immune response.
  • InnateDB is a publicly available, manually curated, integrative biology database of the human and mouse molecules, experimentally verified interactions and pathways involved in innate immunity, along with centralized annotation on the broader human and mouse interactomes.
  • To date, more than 3500 innate immunity-relevant interactions have been contextually annotated through the review of 1000 plus publications.
  • Integrated into InnateDB are novel bioinformatics resources, including network visualization software, pathway analysis, orthologous interaction network construction and the ability to overlay user-supplied gene expression data in an intuitively displayed molecular interaction network and pathway context, which will enable biologists without a computational background to explore their data in a more systems-oriented manner.
  • immunity
  • immunology
  • immune response
This record last updated: 11-25-2008
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