Ontologizer -- a multifunctional tool for GO term enrichment analysis and data exploration

What you can do:
A tool for statistical analysis and visualization of high-throughout biological data using Gene Ontology.
  • The Ontologizer is a Java application that can be used to perform statistical analysis for overrepresentation of Gene Ontology (GO) terms in sets of genes or proteins derived from an experiment.
  • The Ontologizer implements the standard approach to statistical analysis based on the one-sided Fisher's exact test, the novel parent-child method, as well as topology-based algorithms.
  • The Ontologizer allows users to visualize data as a graph including all significantly overrepresented GO terms and to explore the data by linking GO terms to all genes/proteins annotated to the term and by linking individual terms to child terms.
  • Oligonucleotide Array Sequence Analysis
  • Ontology
  • Gene Ontology
  • GO
  • High-Throughput
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