OligoArrayDb -- pangenomic oligonucleotide microarray probe sets database

What you can do:
Search for information about pangenomic oligonucleotide microarray probe sets.
  • OligoArrayDb contains more than 2.8 probes per gene in average for more than 600 organisms, mostly archaea and bacteria strains available from public database.
  • 98% of the annotated genes have at least one probe which is predicted to be specific to its intended target in >94% of the cases.
  • OligoArrayDb is weekly updated as new sequenced genomes become available.
  • Probe sequences, in addition to a comprehensive set of annotations can be downloaded from this database.
  • oligonucleotide array
  • probe sequences
  • probe set
  • oligo
  • microarray
This record last updated: 01-07-2009

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