GermSAGE -- a SAGE database for transcript discovery on male germ cell development

What you can do:
Find information about male germ cell transcriptome information derived from Serial Analysis of Gene Expression.
  • GermSAGE is a comprehensive web-based database generated by Serial Analysis of Gene Expression (SAGE) representing major stages in mouse male germ cell development, with 150,000 sequence tags in each SAGE library.
  • A total of 452,095 tags derived from type A spermatogonia (Spga), pachytene spermatocytes (Spcy) and round spermatids (Sptd) were included in GermSAGE.
  • This database provides web-based tools for browsing, comparing and searching male germ cell transcriptome data at different stages with customizable searching parameters.
  • The data can be visualized in a tabulated format or further analyzed by aligning with various annotations available in the UCSC genome browser.
  • mouse
  • Mus musculus
  • male germ cell
  • development
  • SAGE
  • type A spermatogonia
  • Spga
  • Pachytene spermatocytes
  • Spcy
  • round spermatids
  • Sptd
  • transcriptome
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