BloodExpress -- a database of gene expression in mouse haematopoiesis

What you can do:
A database of gene expression in mouse haematopoiesis.
  • BloodExpress enables the searching of data from individual studies in a single database.
  • Microarray datasets have been processed uniformly to allow their comparison on the BloodExpress platform.
  • BloodExpress covers the majority of murine blood cell types, including both progenitors and terminally differentiated cells, which allows for the identification of dynamic changes in gene expression as cells differentiate down the well-defined haematopoietic hierarchy.
  • A gene-centric interface returns haematopoietic expression patterns together with functional annotation and a list of other genes with similar expression patterns.
  • A cell type-centric interface allows the identification of genes expressed at specific points of blood development, with the additional and useful capability of filtering by specific gene functional categories.
  • mus musculus
  • mouse
  • blood cell
  • blood stem cell
  • blood development
  • Haematopoiesis
  • Hematopoiesis
  • blood cell expression
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