PhyloPat -- the phylogenetic pattern database

What you can do:
Use this database to see where in the evolution some phylogenetic lineages were started, and over which species they were contained.
  • This database uses a single linkage clustering algorithm to create 241,697 phylogenetic lineages, using all the orthologies provided by Ensembl v49.
  • PhyloPat offers the possibility of querying with binary phylogenetic patterns or regular expressions, or through a phylogenetic tree of the 39 included species.
  • Users can also input a list of Ensembl, EMBL, EntrezGene or HGNC IDs to check which phylogenetic lineage any gene belongs to. A link to the FatiGO web interface has been incorporated in the HTML output.
  • For each gene, the surrounding genes on the chromosome, color coded according to their phylogenetic lineage can be viewed, as well as FASTA files of the peptide sequences of each lineage.
  • Lists of omnipresent, polypresent, oligopresent and anticorrelating genes have been included.
  • phylogeny
  • evolution
  • phylogenetic tree
  • orthology
This record last updated: 01-21-2009
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