PMAP -- the proteolysis map

What you can do:
Databases for analyzing proteolytic events and pathways.
  • PMAP is comprised of five databases, linked together in one environment.
  • The foundation databases, ProteaseDB and SubstrateDB, are driven by an automated annotation pipeline that generates dynamic 'Molecule Pages', rich in molecular information.
  • PMAP also contains two community annotated databases focused on function; CutDB has information on more than 5000 proteolytic events, and ProfileDB is dedicated to information of the substrate recognition specificity of proteases.
  • A Protease Toolkit is available for the analysis of proteases and proteolysis.
  • proteolytic cuts
  • proteolytic cascades
  • cellular signaling pathways
  • proteases
  • substrates
  • substrate recognition specificity
  • proteolysis
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