Bionemo -- molecular information on biodegradation metabolism

What you can do:
Find information about proteins and genes directly implicated in biodegradation metabolism.
  • Bionemo includes information on sequence, domains and structures for proteins; and sequence, regulatory elements and transcription units for genes.
  • Bionemo has been built by manually associating sequences database entries to biodegradation reactions, using the information extracted from published articles.
  • Information on transcription units and their regulation was also extracted from the literature for biodegradation genes, and linked to the underlying biochemical network.
  • It contains sequence information for 324 reactions and transcription regulation information for more than 100 promoters and 100 transcription factors.
  • The information in the Bionemo database is available via a web server and the full database is also downloadable as a PostgresSQL dump.
  • To facilitate the programmatic use of the information contained in the database, an object-oriented Perl API is also provided.
  • biodegradation metabolism
  • enzymatic complexes
  • metabolic pathways
  • metabolic regulation
  • transcription regulation
  • biodegradation
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