FlyEx -- the fly gene expression database

What you can do:
Use this database to find information about Drosophila gene expression.
  • FlyEx contains 4716 images of 14 segmentation gene expression patterns obtained from 1579 embryos and 9,500,000 quantitative data records.
  • Reference data are available for all segmentation genes in cycles 11-13 and all temporal classes of cycle 14A.
  • FlyEx supports operations on images of gene expression patterns.
  • The database can be used to examine the quality of data, analyze the dynamics of formation of segmentation gene expression domains, as well as to estimate the variability of gene expression patterns.
  • A user is able to monitor and analyze the dynamics of formation of segmentation gene expression domains over the whole period of segment determination, that amounts to 1.5 h of development.
  • FlyEx supports the data downloads and construction of personal reference datasets.
  • Drosophila melanogaster
  • fruit fly
  • segmentation
  • gene expression pattern
  • fly embryo
  • drosophila
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