HIFD -- Human Intermediate Filament Database

What you can do:
Comprehensive information on a gene family involved in many human diseases.
  • The database catalogs 1,274 manually-curated pathogenic sequence variants and 170 allelic variants in intermediate filament genes from over 459 peer-reviewed research articles.
  • Mutations and polymorphisms are presented in parallel with data on protein structure, gene, and chromosomal location and basic information on associated diseases.
  • Detailed statistics relating to the variants records in the database are displayed by homology group, mutation type, affected domain, associated diseases, and nucleic and amino acid substitutions.
  • Multiple sequence alignment algorithms can be run from queries to determine DNA or protein sequence conservation.
  • Literature sources can be interrogated within the database and external links are provided to public databases.
  • Intermediate Filament Proteins
  • intermediate filaments
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