Protein Segment Finder -- PDB segment motif search engine

What you can do:
Find local structure homology.
  • Identify protein segments obeying a set of primary, secondary and tertiary structure constraints in the Protein Database (PDB).
  • The database contains information such as amino acid sequence, secondary structure, disulfide bonds, hydrogen bonds and atoms in contact as calculated from all protein structures in the PDB.
  • The search engine parses the database and returns hits that match the queried parameters.
  • The conformation search engine, which is notable for its high speed and interactive feedback, is expected to assist scientists in discovering conformation homologs and predicting protein structure.
  • protein structure
  • amino acid sequence
  • secondary structure
  • tertiary structure
  • protein conformation homologs
  • protein data bank
  • PDB
This record last updated: 03-06-2009
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