ProtClustDB -- NCBI Protein Clusters Database

What you can do:
Find information about related protein sequences.
  • The NCBI Protein Clusters Database (ProtClustDB) has been created to efficiently maintain and keep the deluge of data generated from prokaryotic genomic studies up to date.
  • It contains both curated and uncurated clusters of proteins grouped by sequence similarity.
  • The May 2008 release contains a total of 285 386 clusters derived from over 1.7 million proteins encoded by 3806 nt sequences from the RefSeq collection of complete chromosomes and plasmids from four major groups: prokaryotes, bacteriophages and the mitochondrial and chloroplast organelles.
  • There are 7180 clusters containing 376,513 proteins with curated gene and protein functional annotation.
  • PubMed identifiers and external cross references are collected for all clusters and provide additional information resources.
  • A suite of web tools is available to explore more detailed information, such as multiple alignments, phylogenetic trees and genomic neighborhoods.
  • ProtClustDB provides an efficient method to aggregate gene and protein annotation for researchers.
  • multiple alignments
  • phylogenetic trees
  • phylogeny
  • genomic neighborhoods
  • micro-organism evolution
  • comparative genomics
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