SuperSite -- Ligand Binding Site Database

What you can do:
Look at protein structure from a ligand and binding site perspective.
  • SuperSite combines the structural information with various tools for the analysis of molecular recognition.
  • It contains 8000 metabolites including 1300 drugs, bound to about 290,000 different receptor binding sites.
  • The analysis tools include the highlighting of evolutionary conserved receptor residues, the marking of putative binding pockets and the superpositioning of different binding sites of the same ligand.
  • User-defined compounds can be edited or uploaded and will be superimposed with the most similar co-crystallized ligand.
  • The user can examine all results online with the molecule viewer Jmol.
  • An implemented search algorithm allows the screening of uploaded proteins, in order to detect potential drug binding sites, which are similar to known binding pockets.
  • The huge data set of target-bound compounds in combination with the provided analysis tools allow to inspect the characteristics of molecular recognition, especially for drug target interactions.
  • ligand
  • binding site
  • protein structure
  • drug target interaction
  • binding site prediction
  • drug compound
  • metabolite
  • molecular recognition
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