TarBase -- miRNA Targets Database

What you can do:
Search for targets of miRNA gene silencing in animals, plants and viruses.
  • TarBase5.0 is a database which houses a manually curated collection of experimentally supported microRNA (miRNA) targets in several animal species of central scientific interest, plants and viruses.
  • The current version includes more than 1300 experimentally supported targets.
  • Each target site is described by the miRNA that binds it, the gene in which it occurs, the nature of the experiments that were conducted to test it, the sufficiency of the site to induce translational repression and/or cleavage, and the paper from which all these data were extracted.
  • The database is functionally linked to several other relevant and useful databases such as Ensembl, Hugo, UCSC and SwissProt.
  • miRNA
  • gene silencing
  • microRNA
  • RNA interference
This record last updated: 03-20-2009

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