PAZAR -- Transcription Factor and Regulatory Sequence Annotation Database

What you can do:
Find information about gene regulation.
  • The PAZAR database unites independently created and maintained data collections of transcription factor and regulatory sequence annotation.
  • The flexible PAZAR schema permits the representation of diverse information derived from experiments ranging from biochemical protein-DNA binding to cellular reporter gene assays.
  • Data collections can be made available to the public, or restricted to specific system users.
  • The data 'boutiques' within the shopping-mall-inspired system facilitate the analysis of genomics data and the creation of predictive models of gene regulation.
  • Since its initial release, PAZAR has grown in terms of data, features and through the addition of an associated package of software tools called the ORCA toolkit (ORCAtk).
  • ORCAtk allows users to rapidly develop analyses based on the information stored in the PAZAR system.
  • gene regulation
  • transcription factor
  • regulatory site
  • regulatory sequence
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