d-Omix: a mixer of generic protein domain analysis tools

What you can do:
Find information about protein domains in protein function, interaction and evolution.
  • d-Omix is a unified platform to analyze, compare and visualize protein data sets in various aspects of protein domain combinations.
  • With InterProScan files for protein sets of interest provided by users, the server incorporates four services for domain analyses.
  • It constructs protein phylogenetic tree based on a distance matrix calculated from protein domain architectures (DAs), allowing the comparison with a sequence-based tree.
  • It calculates and visualizes the versatility, abundance and co-presence of protein domains via a domain graph.
  • It compares the similarity of proteins based on DA alignment.
  • It builds a putative protein network derived from domain-domain interactions from DOMINE.
  • Users may select a variety of input data files and flexibly choose domain search tools (e.g. hmmpfam, superfamily) for a specific analysis. Results from the d-Omix can be exported into various formats such as SVG, JPG, BMP and CSV.
  • Users with only protein sequences can prepare an InterProScan file using a service provided by the server as well.
  • protein domain
  • domain-domain interaction
  • protein domain analysis
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