SePreSA -- SErver for the PREdiction of populations susceptible to Serious Adverse drug reaction

What you can do:
Find information about populations carrying polymorphisms within protein binding pockets that make them susceptible to serious adverse drug reaction (SADR).
  • SePreSA is a web server that predicts which populations are likely to be susceptible to SADR.
  • It has a comprehensive collection of the structural models of nearly all the well known SADR targets.
  • Once a drug molecule is submitted, the scale of its potential interaction with multi-SADR targets is calculated using the DOCK program.
  • The server utilizes a 2-directional Z-transformation scoring algorithm, which computes the relative drug-protein interaction strength based on the docking-score matrix of a chemical-protein interactome, thus achieve greater accuracy in prioritizing SADR targets than simply using dock scoring functions.
  • It also suggests the binding pattern of the lowest docking score through 3D visualization, by highlighting and visualizing amino acid residues involved in the binding on the user's browser.
  • Polymorphism information for different populations for each of the interactive residues will be displayed, helping users to deduce the population-specific susceptibility of their drug molecule.
  • drug interaction
  • serious adverse drug reaction
  • chemical-protein interactome
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