HotSpot Wizard -- Substrate Specificity Hot Spot Identification web server

What you can do:
Design protein mutations in site-directed mutagenesis.
  • HotSpot Wizard is a web server for automatic identification of 'hot spots' for engineering of substrate specificity, activity or enantioselectivity of enzymes and for annotation of protein structures.
  • It implements the protein engineering protocol, which targets evolutionarily variable amino acid positions located in the active site or lining the access tunnels.
  • he 'hot spots' for mutagenesis are selected through the integration of structural, functional and evolutionary information obtained from: (i) the databases RCSB PDB, UniProt, PDBSWS, Catalytic Site Atlas and nr NCBI and (ii) the tools CASTp, CAVER, BLAST, CD-HIT, MUSCLE and Rate4Site.
  • In the output, HotSpot Wizard lists annotated residues ordered by estimated mutability.
  • The results of the analysis are mapped on the enzyme structure and visualized in the web browser using Jmol.
  • directed mutagenesis
  • protein engineering
  • substrate specificity
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