PPISearch -- Protein-Protein Interaction Search

What you can do:
Find homologous protein-protein interactions across multiple species.
  • PPISearch is a web server that rapidly identifies homologous PPIs (called PPI family) and infers transferability of interacting domains and functions of a query protein pair.
  • It first identifies two homologous families of the query, respectively, by using BLASTP to scan an annotated PPIs database (290 137 PPIs in 576 species), which is a collection of five public databases.
  • Homologous PPIs were determined from protein pairs of homologous families when these protein pairs were in the annotated database and have significant joint sequence similarity (E < or = 10(-40)) with the query.
  • Using these homologous PPIs across multiple species, this sever infers the conserved domain-domain pairs (Pfam and InterPro domains) and function pairs (Gene Ontology annotations).
  • The transferability of conserved domain-domain pairs between homologous PPIs and query pairs is 88% using 103 762 PPI queries, and the transferability of conserved function pairs is 69% based on 106 997 PPI queries.
  • protein-protein interaction
  • homologous protein interaction
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