ClanTox -- CLassifier of short ANimal TOXins

What you can do:
Find information about toxin-like protein sequences.
  • ClanTox is a toxin classification machine and web server that is based on the extraction of sequence-driven features from the primary protein sequence followed by the application of a classification system trained on known animal toxins.
  • For a given input list of sequences, from venomous or non-venomous settings, the system predicts whether each sequence is toxin-like.
  • It provides a ranked list of positively predicted candidates according to statistical confidence.
  • For each protein, additional information is presented including the presence of a signal peptide, the number of cysteine residues and the associated functional annotations.
  • ClanTox is a discovery-prediction tool for a relatively overlooked niche of toxin-like cell modulators, many of which are therapeutic agent candidates.
  • animal toxin
  • protein functional annotation
  • toxin-like protein
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