WhichGenes -- Web-based interactive gene set building tool

What you can do:
Find information about potential gene interactions in gene sets.
  • WhichGenes is a web-based interactive gene set building tool offering a very simple interface to extract always-updated gene lists from multiple databases and unstructured biological data sources.
  • While the user can specify new gene sets of interest by following a simple four-step wizard, the tool is able to run several queries in parallel.
  • Every time a new set is generated, it is automatically added to the private gene-set cart and the user is notified by an e-mail containing a direct link to the new set stored in the server.
  • WhichGenes provides functionalities to edit, delete and rename existing sets as well as the capability of generating new ones by combining previous existing sets (intersection, union and difference operators).
  • The user can export his sets configuring the output format and selecting among multiple gene identifiers.
  • In addition to the user-friendly environment, WhichGenes allows programmers to access its functionalities in a programmatic way through a Representational State Transfer web service.
  • gene interaction
  • gene set analysis
  • gene network
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